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Anti-Ice Machines & Anti-Ice Liquids


RAATS spary arms mounted railroad tracks can spray trains at sppeds greater than 100km/h.

Environmentally Friendly Anti-Ice liquids tested in an atmospheric chamber at minus 20 deg C. Beating the leading Type II airplance de-icer. 

Remote Access Dual Atomatic Switch Sprayer is a machine that applies lubricants and anti-ice fluids to railroad switches. A task that typically spans several hours, can RADASS complete in under a minute.


The machine is fully automated with in-built parameters that can also be adjusted remotely by operators. All scheduling and application times are automatic and preprogrammed, so you do not have to think about when to apply the anti-ice liquid and when next to lubricate the glide-plates.


Other properties:

      - Is fully compatible with major lubricants

      - Is designed to work with Ice Free Zone

      - Remote operation and access, can be controlled from anywhere in the world

      - Automation based on individual micro-climate weather data

      - Adaptable system so the system can be tailored to specific needs


Remote Access Automtic Train Sprayer is a machine that applies our Ice Free Zone anti-ice liquid to the undercarriages and bogies of trains. With the right pressure and required angles, the RAATS can automatically maximize liquid application and surface coverage to the desired areas.


Proper application to those hard to get areas prevents ice from bonding to your undercarriage and bogies. Do not allow ice from keeping your trains from operating at full service.


The RAATS machine eliminates:

       - Ice damage to breaks

       - Ice damage to train’s hydraulics

       - Ice falling from the trains into switches

       - Damage to the tracks from ice-loaded heavy trains

       - Ice build-up and de-icing of trains is no longer necessary

       - Dangerous conditions and ice from accumulating on the passenger door steps

Healthcare & Online Healthcare

Access to Healthcare has become a modern day problem. This venture started in 2001 it is now the leading integrated outpatient platform in the world today.  

Access to Healthcare is important, but when access is sucessful, continuity in healthcare is important.  

First developed as a batch set of psychometric assessments to measure employee stress, motivation, defense routines and wellbeing, the service evolved into a multi-functional and interactive online healthcare ecosystem. 

Today patients get full access to their selected caregivers' calendars and can book appoints as needed. Today, proactive care is the highest priority. Online therapy from CBT, ACT and BDT are available.   

As a publisher JAC International has been responsible for publishing a number of fictional books do do with wine and wine appreciation, management and leadership and psychology. 

  • Tasting and Grading wine was recognized by Decanter magazine as being one Bible of Wine-Tasting and should the Noble Prize. 


Tasting and Grading WIne available on Amazon

  • Oregon Eco-Friendly Wine was a ground breaking book showing the bredth and depth of the eco-wine making sector in Oregon, USA.


Oregon Eco-Friendly Wines is available on Amazon

  • Wine Activity Game was designed as an activity around wine tasting to create awareness to ones sensory abilities: sight, smell, taste and general understanding of associations thereto. 


Wine Tasting Game is only available via JAC International AB

  • Management by Cross-Training is a theoretical book designed to help leaders in understanding the completixities associated with Management, Employee Engagement & Health and the economic benefits related to cross-training and knowledge management of employees.


Available at Amazon

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